Data Access

The New Jersey Statewide Database System (NJSDS) includes de-identified individual-level data from multiple New Jersey state agencies, including the K-12 education system, colleges and universities, and workforce and training programs, all within a secure environment.

Participating agency staff and approved external users can apply to access and use NJSDS data.

Requests from staff at participating state agencies are fielded and reviewed by the NJSDS Executive Leadership Committee.

External researchers will be able to request access to aggregate or de-identified data for research that benefits public programs beginning in 2024.

To view the NJSDS Data Dictionary, click here.

State data sources currently in NJSDS include:

PreK-12 Education

  • PreK-12 (NJSMART) Enrollment Data
  • PreK-12 (NJSMART) Completion Data
  • PreK-12 (NJSMART) Staff Data

Higher Education

  • Student Unit Record (SURE) Enrollment Data
  • Student Unit Record (SURE) Completion Data
  • Higher Education Student Assistance Authority (HESAA) Student Aid Records

Labor and Workforce Development

  • Unemployment Insurance Wage Data
  • Unemployment Insurance Claims Data
  • Workforce Investment Opportunity Act (WIOA) Case Data
  • Vocational Rehabilitation Program Case Data
  • Consumer Report Card Private Training Provider Data
  • Participant Individual Record Layout (PIRL) Data
  • Registered Apprenticeship Partners Information Database System (RAPIDS) Data