How to Navigate Tableau

Many of the pages on our website use Tableau to display data and allow for interaction and customization of views by the user. We have included a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of your experience with Tableau.

How to Use Filters in a Tableau Visualization

Almost every visualization allows you to filter the data to make it more relevant to you. Below are a few tips for working with these tools.

Drop-down Menus

Many of the visualizations contain drop-down menus that act as data filters. You can click it and change the selection to make the data reflect your desired filter. Some drop-down menus allow you to make multiple selections. Here’s how to do this:

tableau UI graphic

  1. Click the (All) checkbox to select every category.
  2. Click the checkboxes next to each category you are interested in viewing.

Text Search

Text searches within Tableau match the text you type into the search box. It will not show words that are closely related.

tableau UI graphic

Data Points

Hover your mouse cursor over the data point on the table or chart.

tableau UI graphic

How to Sort a Data Table in a Tableau Visualization

You may want to sort a table differently than the default sort order. This can be accomplished by following the steps below:

tableau UI graphic
  1. Hover your mouse cursor over the column header so the sort icon appears. In this case, we hovered over the “Fuzzy Median” column header.
  2. Click the sort icon. The table will reorder by that column.
  3. If you would rather sort the selected column low to high, click the sort icon again.

How to Navigate Pages in a Tableau Dashboard

You can create and review multiple pages within a single dashboard. There are several navigator styles, including caption boxes, numbers, dots, or arrows. The example provided represents caption boxes. You can navigate pages within a single dashboard by following the steps below:

tableau UI graphic
  1. Hover your mouse cursor over one of the caption boxes at the top of the dashboard.
  2. Click the caption box of the page that you want to view.